The Oportunitas Microcredit is a flexible, effective, and tailored capital solution for each entrepreneur, in which the loan conditions are adjusted according to the entrepreneur’s cash flow and business cycle. It can also include a training process and free accompaniment to ensure entrepreneurial and personal success.


Microcredits are mainly allocated to fixed-asset investments (for example, costs related to work, furniture, machinery, product design, branding, other intangible assets, etc.). Oportunitas’ microcredits cannot be allocated to debt refinancing. An optional grace period might be possible, but only if it is clearly justified by the situation of the entrepreneur and his or her business.

Oportunitas financial product features

Microcredits for entrepreneurship up to 25,000 EUROS



  • 9.75%
  • +5% of opening expenses charged only once at the time of the concession.


** Unlike traditional financing, Oportunitas combines financing services with other services that strengthen entrepreneurs, including training, personalized advice, and accompaniment. In addition, our microcredit is unique because it is flexible; We change the quota by adapting it to the state of the business. Because life changes!



  • Without guarantees
  • Without traditional banking guarantees
  • Without a maintenance fee
  • Without a commission of advanced amortization
  • Without a study fee
  • Without an administration commission
  • Without life insurance obligation


TERM   Up to 48 months


LACK OF CAPITAL: Up to 6 months additional

General requirements

Adult up to 75 years (included)

Resident in Spain, where Oportunitas has its area of action

For foreigners:
– Valid residence permit
– 2 year minimum accredited residence

How to request it?

If you meet the general requirements and you need a microcredit to set up or consolidate your business, click here.

How does a microcredit request work?

5 easy steps

Completing your application via the online form is quick and easy:


1. The application

When completing your application, we ask that you include both personal and business information, as well as a series of relevant documents. The documentation that you must provide will depend on whether or not you are a new entrepreneur or already have an established business.


Before you start your application, check the requested documents in the following checklist.


2. First review

During this stage, we will evaluate your application to see if your request for microcredit conforms to the requirements of Oportunitas. In three working days you will receive an email response. If your request contains all the required information, we will send it to one of our personal managers, who will contact you shortly after.

If your application is incomplete, we will ask you for the necessary information and/or documentation.

Read more about review criteria


3. Appointment with a personal manager

Once we have verified your business idea and once your application is duly completed, we will pass your file to a personal manager who will evaluate your request as well as the viability of your business plan. If this is the case, a personal manager, contact you to arrange an interview.

The interview will take place in your workplace, or local if you already have it, or video call if it is not possible to meet you in person.


Read more about interview with the personal manager


4. Final review of the application

At this stage, the risk analyst of Oportunitas as well as the Credit Committee will evaluate your application as well as the report made by the personal manager after your business plan interview.

This assessment may last up to three working days after receipt of the personal manager’s report. The risk analyst will ultimately determine if the loan is approved, and under what conditions.


Read more about final evaluation.


5. Approval of the microcredit

Once the micro-credit has been approved, it is proceeded with the elaboration of a “custom” loan contract. You will receive a funding proposal which contains the agreed terms of the loan and then we will proceed to the signing of the loan contract.

Depending on your bank, the approved amount will arrive to your account in a minimum of one day and a maximum of three working days.


Read more about microcredit approval.

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