What is the Oportunitas microcredit?

A microcredit is a credit operation used to start or strengthen a microenterprise project. It is complemented by non-financial services, which include trainings and accompaniment of the entrepreneur. The microcredit is a personal loan adapted to the particular needs of each entrepreneur.


Are guarantees requested?

No. Oportunitas does not ask for guarantees, but the lender still has the legal responsibility in the face of the obligations derived from the loans contract.


Once I have received the microcredit, should I return it?

Yes, its required. It’s a credit, not a donation.


Once I have received the microcredit, should I return it?

Approximately 14 working days, if all the documentation that must be submitted is correctly presented.


If my project fails and I want to start again, can I access the microcredit again through Oportunitas?

It’s possible. More than failure, we prefer to talk about reorientation.


Is the Oportunitas microcredit only for people residing in Spain?



What legal figure is suitable in Oportunitas for a microcredit?

Microcredits are loans to individuals and do NOT include other legal forms. On the other hand, the individual microfinanced by Oportunitas can participate in a legal entity (for example, an SL or a Cooperative) by including them as co-owners. In any case, the natural person is liable for all obligations arising from the microcredit contract.


How can I apply for the Oportunitas microcredit?

You must apply on our website through the following link attaching all the information and documentation required. If you need help in the preparation of the required documentation, you can:

For more information about the microcredit application process, consult the following link.


Can I have a mentor to help me with my business plan?

Yes. Oportunitas has a powerful Volunteer Program that supports our entrepreneurs, both in the preparation and monitoring of their microenterprise activities.


At Oportunitas, can I find training modules?

Yes. Oportunitas offers free on-line training to help entrepreneurs prepare their Business Plan. It also maintains a network of agreements with social entities of all kinds, some of whom explicitly specialize in entrepreneurial training.


Are micro-credits only granted physical people?

Yes, since they are personal credits (although the purpose is to start a micro-business). If the entrepreneur participates in a legal body (SL, cooperation,…) this body will be the co-owner of the microcredit.


What is the maximum duration of a microcredit?

The duration of the microcredit is adapted to the needs of each person and their business project (maximum 48 months).


What is the minimum and maximum amount of credit granted by Oportunitas?

Minimum 500€,and maximum 25.000,00 € as regulated by the European Commission.


Who can access a microcredit from Oportunitas?

Any person who has a Spanish identification document (DNI or NIE + Passport).


If I already have my own business, but I need more money, can I apply for a microcredit from Oportunitas?

Yes. Microloans can also be used for new business needs, but in no case to refinance debt.