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Oportunitas has the vocation of being the first social microfinance institution in Spain. We follow the model used by other European micro-financing entities and are neither a bank nor an entity of the Tertiary Sector. Oportunitas generates opportunities by granting social microcredits to individuals who cannot use traditional banking. Additionally, we provide training and support for users in their professional and personal development process.


“Microfinance your business idea”

Oportunitas creates opportunities by granting Social Microcredits to individuals who cannot use traditional banking due to lack of guarantee, or lack of financial/social inclusion.


  • Without guarantees
  • Without traditional bank guarantees
  • Without a maintenance fee
  • Without an early cancellation commision
  • Without a study free
  • Without an administration commission
  • Without an administration commission

Online Training

Before undertaking a business, it is essential to create a business plan and to do an in-depth analysis of each aspect of the business idea and its technical, economic and financial viability. Additionally, it is important to identify implementation strategies that will help to convert it into a successful company.


The business plan is also a crucial part in requesting microcredit from Oportunitas, as well as from other potential investors or sources of funding.


Opportunitas offers support to entrepreneurs during the process of creating their business plan through three free, flexible, and affordable training tools: the online training course “How to write your business plan”the business plan template and the financial plan template.


Any entrepreneur, even the most experienced, may sometimes need the support or guidance of another person to help provide vision, knowledge, experience, or feedback on their business strategies.


Oportunitas offers a team of volunteer mentors who accompany entrepreneurs in the development and monitoring of their business. Each entrepreneur is assigned to a volunteer with the necessary experience (for example, in finance, tax law, marketing, business management, etc.) to help reinforce his or her project and to support him or her in solving potential problems.


Oportunitas wants to help people to realize their projects and offer them an opportunity. We are building an active network of companies, social entities and volunteers.


Your support allows us to continue working to improve and transform the lives of more people who want to become entrepreneurs. Your support for our daily work makes it possible for us to continue moving forward and making a social impact in the fight for labor and financial inclusion.


Your help is instrumental to our success. You can collaborate as a:


  • Corporate volunteer
  • Collaborating entity
  • Corporate entity (CSR)

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